We left Chamela on Sunday, January 13.  We enjoyed a nice sail down the coast and arrived at 5:15 p.m., just beating nightfall.  Wow….lots of boats, but a nice big bay and a beautiful coast.  There was a resort at the end closest to where we anchored and we enjoyed listening to their nightly show of Elvis impersonators and oldies through the binoculars.  We enjoyed swimming and took the kayak into shore.  On our last day in Tenacatita, we kayaked 2 1/2 miles (!!) up a jungle river.  We watched out for crocodiles, but only saw birds, fish and lots of mangrove crabs.  It was a beautiful journey and ended at a beach in the other bay where we enjoyed a beach side palapa. As we were paddling back, we were passed by some fellow cruisers that threw us a line and towed us back to the anchorage. Our four nights in Tenacatita passed quickly and we were off for Cuastecomate.

Beach at Tenacatita

Afternoon relaxing at the palapa on the beach

Sunset at Tenacatita

Kayak trip up the jungle river

Mangrove crabs that live in the mangrove roots

Beach at the end of the kayak trip

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