Goodbye Slow Dancer!

May 10, 2023

On May 3, 2023, after 11 years and over 15,000 miles, we said goodbye to our faithful Slow Dancer. Such a bittersweet day. This beautiful boat that we purchased new in Seattle in 2012 and brought down the Columbia River, through four dams to her home in Pasco, WA, where she gave us five years of important lessons, lovely weekends and led us to meet some very special people. We sailed with grandchildren on the river, under railroad bridges and around many bends. We sailed from the first hint of spring to the last tiny whiff of fall. She froze in the ice during the winter and waited longingly for us to return in the spring. Then on June 17, 2017, we packed her full of our belongings and headed back down the river and into the Pacific Ocean. This beautiful boat was our magic carpet. She took us to places that we never imagined that we would see. There were many times that she protected us when we were too naive to protect ourselves!

Slow Dancer now has a new couple to teach to sail. Tim and Jackie, we hope that you love her as much as we have and she gives you many, many exciting adventures!

Leaving the marina in Pasco for the last time

Locking through the dams on the Columbia River

Slow Dancer, you were our home

At anchor in the Bahamas

One last sail

She now has a new family to take care of

She will be waiting patiently for you, Tim and Jackie

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