A Makeover for Slow Dancer

September 3, 2022

We arrived back at St. Maarten on August 9. We were thrilled to welcome our son, Chase, to the island for his own new adventure. A certified dive instructor, Chase will be teaching and certifying tourists as well as locals.

Excited to have Chase joining us in St. Maarten

With Ken becoming healthier by the day, we are now set to begin our work on Slow Dancer. Our “new” boat was now 11 years old. The magic number for boats before needing upgrades seems to be around 10 years. It was time.

We had railings rebuilt

One thing that had to be done is to have the mast removed for hurricane season and placed on a “mast rack” to protect it as well as the boats in the yard. While it is down, our plan is to replace the sails as well as the wiring that is in the mast.

With the help of some experts, we prepared to remove our mast
Looking up at the crane dropping the attachments to the brave lady up the mast!

And it is off! (Don’t worry, the brave lady climbed down first!)

And down it goes!

We have taken a little time to enjoy our surroundings as well!

Our own private beach!
Enjoying sunset at our apartment

Beautiful St. Maarten

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  1. Hi Dale and Ken, hope Ken is on the mend. Great picture of you and your mom. We really miss her. Good to see Chase is close by.

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