Slow Dancer Returns From Dry Dock

December 1, 2022

Slow Dancer had endured her time in the “yard” dutifully. She was dirty and had lots of parts in disarray, but overall, she was still our beautiful boat. She did have new bottom paint and a coat of wax on her hull. The travel lift placed her in the water at Bobby’s Marina on November 15. We had no sails, covers of any kind and not all of our instruments, but we were off to Island Water World Marina in Simpson Bay. We spent some time putting up canvas, installing our new sails, fixing a few rigging and instrument issues as well as installing a new autopilot.

New bottom paint

Being picked up by the travel lift
…and here she goes into the water after 5 months on land!

The workers pulled Slow Dancer over to the side wall, we hopped on and we were off. We quickly found ourselves in the middle of a race, with several sailboats cutting right in front of us. Bullhorn out, “this is a race, kindly move off of the course”. Ooops! Lots of wind, too bad we had no sails, but onward we motored the 7 miles into Simpson Bay. We anchored in the bay for an hour waiting for the bridge to open and onward to Island Water World Marina to be put back together.

After reinstalling our cockpit canvas, our sailmakers came to install two new sails.

Two new sails
And here she is, back to her beautiful self!

Now to find her next cruising family to love her.

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