Chamela and Perula

We dropped anchor in the beautiful bay of Chamela among the 5 or 6 boats that were already there.  The beach was busy with palapa restaurants and vendors.  We spent the day swimming and watching the beach front.  The next day we took down the dinghy to go ashore.  We had been watching others go in and brave the large waves for a beach landing.  We decided to venture u
p the river and see if maybe we could get to town in that way.  The waves were breaking, but our little “Tiny Dancer” braved on.  The river estuary was beautiful.  We motored up a bit until it was pretty shallow, then turned back around to ride the waves back out into the bay.  We waited for the right wave and let it wash us into the shore.  Tiny was then drug up onto the beach far enough to be out of the surf when the tide came up.  We then explored the lazy little town of Perula before enjoying a shrimp lunch on the beach.  The next day, we motored out to an island and snorkeled.  The surf was pretty fierce, so not good visibility and quite a rough beach landing for two old bodies!  We did sit for a bit on our own private beach before venturing back to Slow Dancer. The evening was spent watching the dolphins in the bay eating their dinner.

The river estuary

Pangas on the river

Slow Dancer at anchor

Exploring Perula

Main means of transportation

Relaxed lifestyle

Punta Perula

Vendor on the beach


Our own private snorkeling beach

Dolphins nearby

Sunset over Chamela

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