We left Tenacatita on Thursday, January 17.  We had been having trouble keeping our batteries charged due to some cloudy days, so we motored to get them charged up.  

We traveled the 11 miles to the small anchorage of Cuastecomate, also known as “the Secret Anchorage”.  This beautiful little anchorage was set off the beach of a great little town with reefs all around to provide some great snorkeling.  There was one boat anchored, so we had plenty of room and set the hook in 22 feet of water.  

We spent the afternoon snorkeling and kayaked into the village the next morning to explore with our new friends from “SeaGlub”.  Chris and Monica also happened to be the lead boat of the Panama Posse, our south venturing group of cruisers.  They gave us our burgee that they had been keeping for us.  We proudly displayed it under the Mexican flag on our spreaders.

We hiked up a hill and were able to look out on the anchorage below.  
Dangerous rocks entering Cuastecomate

Town of Cuastecomate


Slow Dancer at anchor

Our Panama Posse Burgee retrieved from Sea Glub via snorkeling

Hiking through the jungle

Sometimes it’s a little tight!

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