We returned from the states to our “home” in LaPaz on June 5.  As we looked at the weather the following day, we noticed a disturbance out at sea quite a ways south of us.  It was not a danger to land, but something to watch.  As the days went on, it became stronger and became a Category 1 hurricane (up to 96 mph).  This was disturbing, but not reason to panic yet.  Then on June 8, Hurricane Bud was upgraded to a Category 4 (130 – 156 mph) and the predicted trajectory took it straight to LaPaz! OK…..reason to panic!  We spent the next 4 days watching “Bud” and preparing our boat in the event that we took a direct hit.  We removed our headsail and tied extra lines to the dock as well as strapped down anything that would move.  On June 12, the morning before our expected midnight hit, Bud was downgraded to a Category 3…..then 2.  By the time it reached LaPaz, Bud was a Tropical Storm with 45-55 mph winds and several inches of rain.  As the sun went down, we watched clouds appear over the hills and come quickly our way.  Then the heavy rains started.  All night and part of the next day, the winds howled.  Water was rushing down from every roadway and standing along others.  We were glad to not have the fury of Mother Nature unleashed, but grateful that we got to experience it safely.

Hurricane Tracker
Bud’s Trajectory

Here comes the storm!

Lots of wind and rain!

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