Goodbye LaPaz!

This week marks one year since we left Pasco WA to start our adventure. What a great year!  We have learned so much and seen things that we never dreamed of seeing.

So, after 5 months we are saying goodbye to LaPaz.  We have really enjoyed the local people and have made many life long cruising friends. The city of LaPaz has been an amazing place to explore.  Now off we go, north into the Sea to Island hop and anchor for the next two months.

Our friend Alfredo, our guy at the docks

“No way Jose”, the little guy that sells roses every day

Every day is a celebration

Mercado Bravo, a part of our weekly life

The local that thought Ken HAD to be in the movie “The Flash” and wanted his picture taken

The Malecon

So many celebrations…..

Great cruising friends Jim & Laura
Beautiful sunsets every day

Family is so important

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