Islands and Anchroages to Loreto

We left LaPaz for the last time on June 22.  First stop, our old standby, Candeleros on Espiritu Santo.  Stayed two nights and fought wind up to 22k both nights.  24th, motored (no wind) to Isla San Francisco.  Of course, the evening brought lots of wind, but we seem to have the “little anchor that could” and it held us firmly.  Spent the night of the 26th in San Everisto.  Bought a fish from a local fisherman and had a great Red Snapper dinner.

On the morning of the 27th, we ventured into (for us) uncharted territory.  That night we anchored in a small bay, Timbabiche, where we were the only boat. We could see the remnants of a building, Casa Grande, on the beach where a fisherman that made it big by finding a huge pearl began building a huge estate.  However, he didn’t live long enough to finish it and it stands as a monument in this area.  Nice evening, however, winds all night!

The following day we had a wonderful sail to Agua Verde, a small fishing village with a gorgeous anchorage.  Winds died down after we set our anchor and we spent 6 beautiful days and nights enjoying the village and the bay.  We ventured into town in our trusty dingy, Tiny Dancer, several times.  One evening, getting back after dark, we used our flashlight to light the way.  Apparently the flying fish LOVE light and leaped all around us, one even landing in our dinghy!

There is a tiny goat farm at the edge of town that sells goat cheese out of a family’s home.  It’s quite tasty!  The goats roam the hillsides with bells around their necks.  You can hear them in the evenings all around the anchorage.  We also enjoyed fish tacos in a beachfront restaurant with two tables.  The little grandma that owned the restaurant hand made tortillas while we enjoyed cold cervezas.  It was a wonderful lunch! There are also two tiendas (stores), a school and a church in the dirt road village.  We met up with cruising friends, Jim and Laura to explore the town.  We made several new cruising friends as well.

While at anchor, we had been battling a low voltage from our house batteries (which run our refrigerator, freezer and water maker).  Even our solar panels could not keep up.  It was determined that we HAD to have 4 new batteries, and soon!  

On July 4, we up anchored and motored the 5 hours, through narrow channels between islands to the  marina in Puerto Escondido.  What a welcome we received! The harbormaster was amazing and located four 120 lb batteries in the middle of nowhere and had a couple of guys help Ken to install them.  We stayed four nights, enjoyed the marina, Loreto and the surrounding area.  Now off to explore these islands!
Ken caught a fish so big that it broke his line!

Getting ready to dive under the boat to check and clean

Lots of hot sun!

….and amazing sunsets!

Beaches everywhere!

Roca Solitare

View from our table at the restaurant in Agua Verde

New friends outside the tienda!

Pyramid Rock

Village of Agua Verde

Friendly villagers!
Nice shady place for a nap! (Goats)

Enjoying the restaurant at Puerto Escondido

View over our rail

Sierra Giganticas

Puerto Escondido

The church in Agua Verde

A little grocery shopping…..

Some homes in the village

A kid is a kid is a kid 🙂

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