After two days on Isla Grande we ventured into the bay at Zihuatanejo. This is definitely a tourist destination! Parasailors swooping overhead, jet skis and beach lovers were soaking up the sun. We anchored off a white sand beach in 18 feet of water. Watching the tourists and pangas we wondered if this might just be too busy for us! We did discover that it dies down around sunset and we get to enjoy the twinkling lights and the live music coming from the beachside palapa.

We are across the bay from the town of Zihuatanejo. Going into town requires a 20-30 minute ride in our trusty dinghy, “Tiny Dancer”. It is required that we check in with the Port Captain upon arrival. After watching our anchor for an hour and getting Tiny hoisted down and the engine on, we took off into town. A bit bumpy, but exciting ride. As we came to the beach we were assisted by a local fellow, Mateo. He pulled us up onto the shore and told us that it was his job to watch the dinghies. Cool! We tipped him and were on our way. We got to the PC office at 3:15. Apparently they close at 3?! Guess this will be a Monday thing. Off we went to do a bit of exploring. What a unique little town! We found our buddy boat crews at a local restaurant and realized that we were starving! We enjoyed some local dishes, a mango margarita (Dale) and beer (Ken) then off to explore again, as a pack. We found the market and decided to load up on Saturday. We had heard of a fundraiser happening so we wandered through the streets to find the one that was closed off. There is a huge expat community here that are involved with the local community. This particular fundraiser was for the Bombaros (firemen) to raise money for a defibrillator. What a fun night! A great band playing oldies, food, drinks and an auction. We left reluctantly at sundown, aware that we needed to get into Tiny and venture across the bay to our home.

Lots more exploring to do…..but we think we will love Zihuatanejo!
Lots of water sports

Beach and anchorage in town

Small shops everywhere 

Lots of fresh produce

…and eggs

Main method of delivery 

The family car

Zihuatanejo Bay

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