Turtle Bay to Cabo San Lucas


Left Turtle Bay on Monday, Dec. 18. Winds were light and seas were around 4 feet. We knew that we had a long journey ahead of us with no method of communication. Ken threw out the line and again caught two Bonitos. We sailed for a while until the winds died, then motored until dark. Shortly after dark we noticed a fishing boat on the horizon. It’s course was crossing ours. We altered course and so did they, directly towards us! We altered course again, and so did they! Are you kidding? Here we are AGAIN in a standoff with a fishing boat. Maybe this is their entertainment? Finally avoiding them, we continued on our way. The winds picked up and pushed us along. Stars were bright and on we went. Tuesday was a warm, low wind day. We sailed, motored and enjoyed the sunshine. Saw whales, dolphins and 4 foot turtles smiling up at us! Tuesday night, Ken noticed streams of red on the water…..it was lobsters! Thousands of baby lobsters. Several of them ended up in our intake. Wednesday was calm until afternoon. After dark the winds picked up with a vengeance. We then struggled with huge waves and strong winds. Just another day and we will be tied up to a dock!! We were more than ready! Thursday, the waves continued. As we rounded Cabo Falso, the winds also picked up……are we there yet? Just as we were about to round the point to enter the harbor into Cabo San Lucas, we were face to face with a giant cruise ship. STOP! Wait until the coast was clear. Then into the SUPER busy harbor, dodging tour boats and jet skis. Entering the harbor, it was not clear where we needed to be, so we hightailed it to the fuel dock to ask directions. So nice to be tied to a secure dock. What a busy harbor area with lots to see. Nice place to spend Christmas. Merry Christmas friends and family!

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