Cabo San Lucas

2,500 miles, 20 harbors, six months……and here we are at the tip of the Baja Peninsula in Cabo! This has been quite a ride, and what a great way to celebrate! Cabo is an amazing, busy, beautiful town. We discovered just how busy upon entering this crazy harbor. Yet, there is an abundance of wildlife co-existing with all of the fishing boats, tour boats, jet skis and private yachts. Like the seal that follows every fishing boat to get a handout, virtually jumping on the transom! We have spent the holidays here and got to experience some Mexican traditions as we have become acquainted with some local people. We have experienced Cabo’s great cuisine and enjoyed the flair that the meals were served with! We have also met more cruisers headed in the same direction. The cruising community is like a family….always ready to lend a hand and always happy to see us! We even spent some time in a cantina with dozens of cruisers watching the Seahawks game! Tomorrow we haul in the dock lines and head the 25 miles to San Jose del Cabo. Tonight we see how Cabo San Lucas celebrates New Year!

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