Tugs and Statues and Swamps, Oh My!

October 31, 2021

We left Daytona Beach the morning of October 31, with many miles to go before Titusville, our next mooring. We wound our way past Ponce Inlet, New Smyrna Beach and it’s beautiful homes, but a narrow channel to navigate! At one point we passed a tug pushing a barge. There was not much room for him to pass us without running aground! Of course, he was bigger and was a working boat, so he had the right of way. We inched over to the side and found ourselves in 7′ of water, a mere 6″ to spare, and let him pass us.

Ponce Inlet and New Smyrna Beach
Being passed by a tug and barge
And then every once in a while you pass something that makes you go….huh?

We passed through a bascule bridge and found ourselves in a narrow man made cut through an island. This area resembled a swamp, but must have had a lot of fish judging from the number of people lining the shores. From the way that they stared at us, I’m sure that we appeared out of place!

Narrow “swamp” canal

As we came out of the canal, we saw a huge lake. Wow! Maybe our track won’t be so narrow. Not so lucky! It was even narrower, most of the lake was 4-5 feet deep!

A very shallow lake

We made it to Titusville, about 20 miles from Cape Canaveral, and grabbed a mooring ball for the next two nights. We had a reservation at Cape Marina on November 2 to stay a few days, tour the Kennedy Space Center and pick up our new “Go Fast” dinghy.

Titusville Mooring Field

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