The Space Coast

November 10, 2021

November 2, we motored off our mooring in Titusville, headed for Cape Canaveral. We had to transit two bascule bridges and a lock to head toward the coast and Cape Marina. This canal waterway was beautiful and despite our apprehension about the locks, all went well. Come on……we went through the Panama Canal, what were we worried about!

Cape Canaveral Locks
Our guide through the locks

This was a little disconcerting!!
Ken and a friend

Cape Canaveral was a fun place. We watched the cruise ships come in and out and enjoyed a few meals in their many waterfront restaurants, including our 25th wedding anniversary dinner.

Daily cruise ships
We toured the Kennedy Space Center
Lots of original ships and equipment
Original control room from the 60’s
We bid a fond farewell to “Tiny” and got our brand new “Go Fast” dinghy!

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