Paradise Cove – Malibu

Left Santa Barbara early on Tuesday, October 3. Pretty mellow day, sailing along in 10-12 knot winds enjoying the day when we hear on the radio that the military will be doing testing in an area……OUR AREA! Firing live rounds, what? Oh no! In go the sails and on goes the engine, out to sea we go! The shore has military buildings that go on for miles. Wow….wonder how many people know that these are actually here.

As we motored on, we were joined by a pod of dolphins! They are amazing!

Later, we saw the water churning ahead. Was that rocks? What was it? SEALS! At least 30 of them feeding. Wow, that was a lot of activity!

Motoring on, we spent some time looking up at the homes of the rich and famous high on the hills of Malibu. We anchored in a beautiful cove and enjoyed the lights of these houses.

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