On to Oracabessa!

On February 19, after 3 nights of anchoring in Ocho Rios, we were again on our way. We had spent our time looking around the town and waiting out a two day storm.

Ocho Rios is a tourist destination, but we found ourselves being among the few tourists
Ocho Rios near the waterfront

Again we got an early start. We only had to cover 18 miles to Oracabessa and anchor in the small bay. The seas began flat as well as minimal wind. As we got closer to Oracabessa everything picked up. But we were within sight of the TINY bay. As we got closer we noticed a large fishing boat…..was it blocking the entrance? If we could not get in to this bay, our only option was to go 8 miles farther and around a point. With the weather deteriorating and venturing around a point, which can cause the winds to amplify, we were certainly hoping for a spot to anchor. The entrance was shallow, 9 feet. The fishing boat was right there, we snuck by and around several other boats and found our spot. Wow! It is beautiful!

The large fishing boat in the small bay
Many small fishing boats
Lots of activity in this small bay

We explored the small waterways by dinghy
Slow Dancer at anchor in Oracabessa

We found out that Oracabessa was the home of Ian Flemming, author of the James Bond novels. There is even a James Bond beach! Now, the home is a resort. We tried to see it, but were told that it was private property, so turned our dinghy around.

We spent the next day exploring the little town of Oracabessa and ended up at a great restaurant on a cliff for lunch, Dors.

Artwork on the sides of buildings downtown
“Dor” has owned and operated her restaurant for 33 years
Our view from the table at Dor’s

After two nights, we were to be on our way to Port Antonio, our last port. Although we had thoroughly enjoyed Oracabessa and could have stayed for many more days!

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