Day 4 – John Day Dam, The Dalles Dam and Hood River

Began the day at 4 a.m. Relatively mellow morning. Locked through John Day Dam at 9:30. No problems. Motored toThe Dalle’s Dam, locked through at 12:30. Exited the lock into a current of 10.5 k. Thought the trip would be windy, but on the downstream side of The Dalles, it became ridiculous! Motored in sustained winds of 25-27 k, with gusts to 39 k. In mph, that’s 45! Add 3′ wind waves at 2 seconds and it was like a carnival ride for over 3 hours. The girls mentioned motion sickness, but fortunately were able to hold it off. Approached the Hood River bridge, knowing that in high water we have 5′ to spare. This water was more than high with wind waves. We inched under and watched our antennae rub. Whew! Docked in the Hood River Marina. What a day!




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