Camas WA

Up at 6 to walk to McDonalds for breakfast. Pulled to fuel dock, attendant broke our gas cap and it dropped into the water. Argh! Spent the next hour and a half searching for one. Finally on our way toward Bonneville Dam. Sailed for 45 minutes until the winds picked up to over 25 k and were pushing us from directly behind. Arrived at the dam and had to wait for 30 minutes. The current was really strong and it became harder and harder to keep Slow Dancer under control and waiting. At the last minute, realized that we would have to move fenders and be on the opposite side. Ken and the girls were a great team and we got it done. Upon entering, the wind was howling. It was definitely the hardest lockage and was complimented by the know it all gawkers that offered advice as to how to keep our spreaders off the walls. We were certainly happy to descend and leave them at the top! We exited to 8 k of current that shot us out into the Columbia. It was, however one of the most beautiful stretches so far on the Columbia. Stayed at the Camas marina for the night. We treated ourselves to a wonderful dinner at the marina’s Caribbean restaurant.

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