Cumberland Island

October 24, 2021

The next morning we left bright and early to eke our way down some more shallows toward Cumberland Island. We ventured part way out into St. Andrew’s Sound (Georgia) before turning inland again and following the winding waterway past small towns and beautiful scenery.

Shrimp boats on St. Andrew’s Sound
Just cruising along
Passed a military submarine base, heavily guarded by patrol boats!

Our anchorage was to be near Cumberland Island. This island was once the summer home of the Carnegie family. Once they passed it was deeded to the state of Georgia as a wildlife refuge. We took our trusty Tiny Dancer to shore. Here we saw wild horses, armadillos, wild pigs and many species of birds. We hiked for about four miles from the inside bay to the ocean side and back. It was so amazing that we stayed two days.

Wild horses
A cute little armadillo
Beautiful grounds to hike
The wild Atlantic on the other side of the island
Remnants of the Carnegie Estate

As we were relaxing in our cockpit the evening of our second day at Cumberland, we were approached by a local fisherman. “Y’all like fish?” He gifted us a couple of nice trout for our dinner. Gotta love the south!

Speckled Trout

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