Crossing the Georgia/Florida Line

October 26, 2021

We certainly enjoyed our time at Cumberland Island, but it was time to move on to Florida. We noticed that the land got flatter and marshier and the houses larger. There were also more bridges! We passed through several 65′ (reported) bridges that we needed to check tide boards before we went through. Anything under 64 is a no-go. There were also many bascule bridges that opened up either on a schedule or when we called them, depending on the amount of traffic going over. Sometimes it’s hard to “wait” for the bridge when there is current pushing us in these shallow waters.

Goodbye Georgia!
Lots of marshland and fishing birds

We spent the night of October 25 at a “Free Dock” outside of Jacksonville. Wow….score! This dock is placed for cruisers and fishermen in a marsh area between the Navy base and Jacksonville. We were the only boat there, although we visited with several land based fishermen.

Nice place to stop for the night
These don’t look so tall from below!
Bascule bridges open to let us through
Houses are getting bigger!

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