Back At The Dock

During our boat yard days, we walked back and forth from our condo to the yard.  This trip was just under 2 miles and hot, hot, hot!  The road to the yard was through some trees and lots of greenery, thanks to the recent rains,  it was also busy with mosquitoes! Spray….and run!  We checked daily with the office and watched as Slow Dancer’s hull was repaired (the hole was not as deep as we thought) and painted. We climbed a tall ladder to get on board and checked all systems. Refrigerator and freezer were still functioning.

After 10 days in the boat yard, Slow Dancer was again back in the water.  Same procedure as before, just reverse.  Wind AGAIN blowing, but we made it safely back to our slip.

The weather in San Carlos is extreme in August and September.  Temperatures in the mid 90’s to 100 with humidity in the 70-80% range.  We have spent a lot of our time hiding out in our air conditioned salon. We have ventured out on those breezy days to explore a bit of the area.
  We will wait until the first part of October to leave since this is hurricane season and we are in a very protected area and north of the “zone”.  
In the boatyard

down to the launch

Back at the dock

Lots of beaches

And beautiful homes

Mt. Tatakawi

Lots of nightlife surrounding the marina

Found a great hair stylist for a cut

Our friend from the boat yard

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