A trip to the boat yard

A small hole just under the waterline of Slow Dancer’s bow was causing her owners some concern.  We noticed this while in the warm waters of Bahia Concepcion and applied an underwater “plug” to keep any additional water from seeping in. There seemed to be no reason for this hole, but none the less, it needed to be looked at.  It was also time to apply new bottom paint to Slow Dancer’s undersides.  Bottom paint is added to boats in salt water to keep barnacles and other sea creatures from boring into the gel coat.  Warm salt water is the hardest of all on bottom paint and here we are in bathwater warm salt water.  

An appointment was made to be “hauled out” of the water, transported to the work yard, jacked up and both issues addressed.  Wednesday, Aug. 15 was the day, and of course, there was a storm brewing and the winds were increasing.  In looking toward the marina office, we noticed a red flag flying.  This means that the conditions are such that no boats should leave the harbor.  We did not need to leave, just move and park Slow Dancer at a shallow ramp.  This ramp can only be used by sailboats during high tides so that there is no danger of running aground.  So, these factors held us to a specific time…..and the winds increased each minute.  Two of our dock neighbors offered to help us get off the dock and one rode along with us to help us tie up to the haul out dock.  Ken did an amazing job of driving into the wind and turning sharp corners.  Bob, from Ciao Bella waved down a motor boat that was directly in our path as we turned into the tight row.  Our other new friend (also named Bob) had biked completely around the marina and joined us to grab a line.  Whew, we were tied up and waiting for the hydrolic trailer to come and lift us out.  The storm increased, but we were assured that the lift could still operate.  It was now high tide.  We watched and waited, worried that if the lift was too late, our 6 inches of depth to spare would go away.  Only 30 minutes late (in Mexico, this is considered on time!) here comes the tractor pushing the trailer.  Wow….this thing is going to support Slow Dancer?!  The two guys operating the equipment seemed to know what they were doing, but didn’t speak much English.  Together with Bob (#2) and Ken holding the lines, they maneuvered our home onto the trailer and up she went.  We rode in the pilot car to the work yard a mile or so away and watched as our only home proceeded down the highway.  Once inside the yard, she was jacked up and readied for her new paint.  We bid her goodbye as we slogged through the rain toward a condo that would house us for the next week.
At the lift out dock

….there she goes!

Driving down the highway looking out the rear window

A sight to see coming down the road

In the work yard

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