Ancient Cities and Cathedrals

We spent a day visiting the ruins of Teotihuacan. These ruins dated back from around 1 A.D. to 250 A.D., which predated the Aztecs, who later occupied this sacred ground. This compound contained three pyramids, alters, high priests living quarters and many other sacred buildings made from stone along with thousands of artifacts.

We also visited a couple of cathedrals that dated back to the 1500’s. Our tour guide, Juan was super knowledgeable and taught us a lot! We climbed hundreds of steps and hiked miles….all worth it to experience these pieces of Mexico’s history.

Pyramid of the Moon

One of the altars

Our guide Juan

View from the Pyramid of the Sun

One of the carvings

Laura checking out a pot used to keep grain dry

One of the many human sacrifices unearthed

One of the oldest cathedrals in the Americas

Beautiful ceilings

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