A Week of Exploring Islands and Happy Birthday Ken!

We spent a week anchoring around a few islands as well as visiting San Evaristo on the Baja Peninsula.  

Days were spent sailing, hiking, snorkeling, swimming and kayaking. We watched dolphins, seals, whales, sea turtles and (leaping!) rays every day.  We swam with multi-colored fish.  We hiked a new trail, watched a family of goats and explored the arroyos. We are so fortunate to be able to experience the beauty of this area.

We added a new mode of transportation to our arsenal:  a kayak
We used this to get to and from shore in most bays as it is lighter and easier to launch than “Tiny Dancer”.

 We did have an adventure with Tiny in San Everisto.  We dinghied up to the beach to have dinner at Lupe’s restaurant.  Knowing that the tide was coming in, we pulled her up quite a ways on shore and proceeded to join the four other boats of cruisers on Lupe’s patio.  Lupe is a great guy (and amazing cook!), but doesn’t speak much English.  As we were enjoying our shrimp and fish tacos, he walked between all of the tables and said “Bye, bye dinghy!”  We looked out and a dinghy had floated out away from shore….OMG….it is Tiny Dancer!!  Both of us ran to the edge of the water and pondered which one of us would dive in with our clothes on to rescue her.  A fellow 12 year old cruiser kid jumped in his dinghy and pulled Tiny back to shore.  Whew!  Dinner was saved!  

We did have a few blustery nights causing us to take turns doing anchor watch, but the days were beautiful and calm.

Back to La Paz and celebrated Ken’s 65th birthday.  The next time that we leave Marina de La Paz in Slow Dancer we will not return. it will be our time to sail north into the sea.  First, however, will be a trip to the states to see family and friends.
Slow Dancer at anchor

Nighttime sky

Lots of rock formations in these volcanic islands

Dinner at anchor

Beautiful red rocks

A rock chair

Fossils in the rocks

The view toward the bay from the rocks

Lots of fish friends

Hiking the trails

Wild Goats

Strange looking fish

New Kayak

Dolphin right under our hull!

Back side of Isla San Francisco
San Evaristo
Happy Birthday Ken!
Beautiful sunset!

A walk along the Malecon

A goodbye dinner for our neighbor Frank

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