Warderick Wells

On April 15, 2021, we pulled up the mooring buoy at the Aquarium and released our lines. The day was beautiful and we were headed for a magical place, Warderick Wells. This place is legendary for it’s protection of the environment and the sea creatures and animals that live there know it! We were excited to see just how tame they were and how clear the waters are.

As we approached between several islands, we could see masts over the top of one, but how to get in….? We followed our charts and were amazed at the ribbon of blue water surround by turquoise. Wow!

Warderick Wells Mooring Field

We had asked permission to grab (yet another) mooring buoy. The buoys were in a line with a boat attached to each one. We had to motor carefully around each one. The blue water represented a depth that we could move around in, the turquoise was too shallow. We had decided to try a different system to grab the buoy, since we had no friends here to rescue us! Our goal was mooring buoy #8. Ken stood on the bow and Dale drove up to the buoy. Success on the first try! OK, new system.

This was indeed a magical place! Down came the dinghy and we were off to snorkel and explore. The next three days were spent swimming, snorkeling and hiking the island. When nature is preserved it becomes a delight for the senses!

One of the many land dwellers
We hiked the entire island
The Exuma Sound side of the island

This Barracuda decided that he needed to check out what we were doing!
Lots of beautiful fish and living coral

This beautiful Nurse Shark became our “pet” for a couple of days!

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