Stuck in Paradise

 Our plans to depart from Bocas del Toro and head east toward the San Blas islands had to be put on hold for a few weeks due to a serious storm that hit Columbia and funneled intense waves toward all of the Panama coast.  Seas that would normally have been 3-4 feet high were suddenly 12-14 feet high!  A bit more than we wanted to venture into. We are fortunate to be in the Bocas archipelago as we are very protected from anything happening outside in the Caribbean.  We decided to do some boat projects and enjoy our current area while waiting for a good weather window.  One of our outings was to the north shore of Isla Colon to watch the many surfers that converged on the islands to enjoy the high surf. While we couldn't get close enough to get a picture of the surfers themselves, we did watch a couple of their transport boats being batted around in the seas and enjoyed a great lunch with friends on Paki Point.

You can now locate us at the following: 

Paki Point

Mexican Train Dominoes at the marina

Lunch in town

Produce Market

Not a bad place to get stuck!


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