Stuck in El Salvador!

Due to a combination of circumstances, we stayed in El Salvador much longer than expected. First, we both got sick from something consumed at the Mango Festival! Not a fun time for two weeks! Then when we were both well the estuary bar that we crossed getting into this marina was closed due to high seas….for four weeks!! We ended up staying seven weeks in Bahia del Sol, El Salvador. We went into San Salvador four times for doctor visits and to shop for groceries and hardware supplies. Two times we rode the local bus. Not your big air conditioned cushy seat bus! This bus was an old school bus with a super loud sound system and horn that blasted ear piercing honks for quite a ways before each stop, and they stop A LOT!! And yes Virginia….they do have chickens on the buses!

The rest of our time was spent exploring small towns around our marina, swimming in the hotel pool, visiting with fellow stranded cruisers and waiting.

While we waited we experienced a 6.6 earthquake that was centered 40 miles from us. We also waited out lightning storms right overhead with torrential rains of as many as 6 inches in a few hours. 

It was certainly an experience! Next Costa Rica!

Bread delivery

Vendors hop on and off buses selling everything 


Many small produce tiendas

Carrying the local food, Pupusas to sell
Poor living conditions 

The people make a living any way that they can
Local transportation


Chicken on a bus?
Happy people 

Local kids playing soccer
A typical village street

Water delivery to our boat


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