Road Trip!

July 26 – Aug 16, 2021

OK, so part air, part land. On July 26, we left Slow Dancer behind in Brunswick Landing Marina and boarded a Delta Jet headed for San Francisco. Our goal: to move an 87 year old lady 1,000 miles. Dale’s Mom was not having any more of California and her solution was to move to Idaho, near two grandchildren and two great grandchildren. So we spent the next 13 days packing and driving from San Mateo CA to Lewiston, ID. Once there, we helped her to purchase some furniture, haul it and get settled.

We were able to spend some time with friends and family in Lewiston, Clarkston and Tri-Cities. It is always good to reconnect.

We also sprinted between appointments for the eye doctor, dentist, chiropractor and insurance agent, along with visiting every furniture store in the area!

Next up… our granddaughter’s jeep from Idaho to Georgia for her use while at Georgia Southern University. It was a long five days, but we made the best of it by visiting the Grand Canyon as well as some friends in Hot Springs, Arkansas. All told, we visited 14 states in three weeks and drove more than 3,600 miles. This truly is a huge and beautiful country.

Enjoyed our time in the redwoods with Greg and Radika in Woodside, CA
Got the two sisters together in Oregon City

Got Dale’s Mom settled in her cute little home
Granddaughter Tyler helped us every step of the way!
Sometimes friends are your family! Got to catch up with Jeni and her family.
Cousins Cindi and Rick drove up from Benton City to help put furniture together
Our ride across the U.S.
The beautiful Snake River in Idaho
The magnificent Grand Canyon
We enjoyed our side trip to the canyon
The powerful Colorado River
We loved the heartland of Texas and Oklahoma
We saw Elvis’ birthplace, Tupelo, Mississippi
Miles and miles of roadway
No matter what state we were in, it was evident by the hundreds of flags flying that we are all proud to be Americans!

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