On To Bloody Bay!

January 13, 2021 we wove our way out of Bogue Lagoon through the coral reefs and set sail for Bloody Bay, Negril. The legend of this bay is two fold. First, pirates are said to have sheltered in this beautiful bay and ambushed unsuspecting ships. Also there is the history of whale slaughter that happened in this bay. Nevertheless, we saw only beauty while here!

We enjoyed a beautiful sail down Jamaica’s west coast

We anchored in 13 feet of crystal clear water over white sand. There are a few tour boats in the bay, but other than those, we had it all to ourselves. We took the dinghy to the beach near by and enjoyed lunch at the “Office of Nature”. They had a barbecue pit near the bar seating and the cook walked to the water to a cage to retrieve the lobster that they served. Can’t get any fresher than that!

Tiny Dancer with Slow Dancer in the background anchored in Bloody Bay

A lovely fresh lobster lunch

We spent the few days walking the beaches and enjoying the people of Negril.

Lots of beach walking!
Always something interesting to see!

Restaurants with lush grounds
One of our favorites, The Rock House had beautiful snorkeling after lunch

Negril is so full of authentic Jamaicans that are so proud of their country!
We spent several beautiful nights at anchor

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