Marina Papagayo and Home to the States


 The day after checking into Costa Rica we motored across the bay to Marina Papagayo where we would leave Slow Dancer while we made a trip to the states. We had several reasons for our trip north: first to visit family and friends, also our coast guard registration was due to expire in two weeks (you can’t check in or out of a country or marina without this and it can only be mailed to a U.S. address ), Ken’s drivers license had expired AND we get to bring our granddaughters back with us for a two week adventure! 

Marina Papagayo is beautiful! We loved the grounds and the people were so nice! We felt very safe leaving our home in their care. One of the great things about marinas is the ability to run an air conditioner because of shore power. It has become very hot and humid as we get nearer to the equator. We enjoyed our two nights in cooled comfort as we prepared for our trip and the addition of two more bodies in our 39 foot home.

We traveled by van with our driver, Marvin at 6 a.m. to the Liberia airport. Our first stop was in San Francisco to visit Dale’s Mom, brother and sister in law. Next we drove north to check on Mom’s house in Grants Pass, that was for sale. On to Portland to visit a special Aunt and Uncle, continuing on to Tri-Cities for some time with good friends and Ken’s family. After three nights there we drove to Clarkston for some family time. We retrieved our boat registration and checked on our rentals. After three nights we loaded into the car with Tyler and Gracie for the drive south to San Francisco. After our two day drive we arrived and were treated to a family reunion. Lots of catching up! 

On July 2 we departed from San Francisco International and flew all day back to Liberia. We were all happy to see Marvin, who was waving excitedly at us. A stop at Walmart to get some food and we were off to Marina Papagayo.

 Marina Papagayo 


 Steve and Shirley 


 Mayberry Family


Back in the Northwest



 Mug shots?


Beautiful Eastern WA

Dale and her Mom
Hanging out with Radika

First sibling picture in 40 years


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