Los Frailes Anchorage

Headed out of Los Cabos toward Los Frailes on Feb 2, 9:20 a.m. Our friends Tony and Lynn aboard Mamala grab our lines and help us out. Thank goodness for such a supportive boating community!

This should be a short run…..28 miles. This anchorage is the last stop before rounding the Baja peninsula. It is also right next to Cabo Pulmo, a protected reef that is one of the most famous in this part of the world for the many types of fish that call it home. We hope to snorkel around the point, depends on the weather.

The weather started out a little windy, right on our nose with waves to 3 feet at 4 seconds. 3 foot waves are not too bad, but when they come every 4 seconds, they are really bouncy and have a tenancy to make all aboard a bit nauseous.

As we were bouncing along, we looked to our starboard side and less than 50 feet from us rose a huge whale! Almost takes your breath away! Of course, taking a picture is never easy, the best pictures are the ones before the camera snaps!

Ken got out his fishing pole and a couple of trusty lures. We again had bananas aboard and remembered the old fisherman’s tale that you do not catch fish when you have bananas anywhere around. Guess what….no fish!

Suddenly a fog engulfs us…..could this be a “squall”? Yikes! Whew….nothing changes, just fog.

As it begins to lift we see our anchorage. Only a couple of boats anchored, leaving us a spot, not the best spot, but a spot. We drop the anchor and drag it backward to set it. Then we wait to be sure that it holds, as the wind continues to kick. We enjoyed a nice pasta dinner at anchor as the sun set. The night was calmer, however, we still slept with our ears open to be sure that we did not drag in this new anchorage.


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