Life On The Edge Of The Canal

September 23, 2020

We quickly adapted to life in Shelter Bay. We rode the bus to Colon to shop and actually had hardware stores as an option! We went on nature walks through the jungle and ended at the beach. We met up with some friends that had been in Bocas and became acquainted with other cruisers in the marina as well as their wonderful staff.

On September 21, we were hauled out of the water and placed on the land. The purpose of this was to paint the bottom of the boat with anti fouling paint as well as exchange some through hulls for new ones. Routine maintenance. It’s always a scary situation to see your 20,000 lb home being lifted out of the water and placed on jack stands! We will live in a parking lot aboard Slow Dancer for a week.

A 7′ Boa Constrictor resting beside the road!
So much beauty in the jungle!
A face only his mother could love!
Both Howler and Capuchin Monkeys are plentiful and you can hear them in the trees
A Mama Howler leaps from tree to tree clutching her baby

And the jungle ends at the beach
Slow Dancer being hauled out of the water
Slow Dancer coming out of the water
We will be living “on the hard” for a week

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