Huatalco Anchorages

We left the busy Acapulco harbor on Wednesday, April 3. This was to be a 48 hour trip. Although we much prefer day trips, sometimes distances and the lack of anchorages make this impossible.  On these passages, our days consist of 3 hour shifts while the other rests.

We enjoyed a great sail and were passed by several ships including the cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, which was anchored in Acapulco as we left. On the second night we noticed something on the chart plotter. It looked like a shallow area, but there was also a vague notation about some rocks. Of course it was night and of course it was a very dark night (no moon). As we were getting closer to the identified area, the wind and seas picked up making it hard to steer around the mark. At about that time we also saw lightning over the shore. Great! Another thing to worry about….some of these charts can be as much as a mile off! Our solution: Ken on the bow with our super powerful flashlight and Dale behind the wheel. It took about 45 minutes, but we cleared the spot without incident.

At first light the last morning we were approached by a ship. This vessel did not show up on either radar or AIS. That’s weird! It came closer and closer. Just as Dale was preparing to alter course, it turned and left. It was a military ship, apparently just checking us out.

As we got closer to the Bahia de Huatalco Parque Nacional, we noticed many pods of dolphins and hundreds of sea turtles. This is a protected area and wildlife thrive here. We bypassed the first anchorage because of some dangerous rocks and opted for the private anchorage of Jicaril. We spent the day snorkeling and relaxing.This was a great place, however we had no cell service and were in need of a weather report. This can be a dangerous area when the Tehuantepec winds kick up. So we upped anchor and motored along looking for a nice anchorage with cell reception. Easier said than done! As we headed east closer and closer to Bahia de Tehuantepec, a notoriously bad weather area, the winds kicked up to over 20 knots and the seas also increased. OK…..need a weather report and a safe anchorage. For over three hours we searched and tried anchoring only to be pushed toward shore. Finally we rounded a bend and came upon Tangolunda. This is a protected bay surrounded by 5 star resorts. Wow….beautiful, safe and cell service! After anchoring and enjoying the view, we checked the weather for our crossing of the Tehuantepec. Well….it’s tomorrow or another week. Guess we leave in the morning! We have been dreading this passage for months, guess the best way to do it is to not have time to think about it.

We spent the evening on deck watching a beautiful wedding at one of the resorts as well as listening to the not so quiet music being played. At exactly midnight, we were startled by loud bangs! What was that! We scrambled up on the deck. Wow….fireworks right over head.

Of course this was the weekend for the time change to daylight savings time. Our 6:30 departure was in the dark around several rocks and out of the bay. We made it fine and headed out into Bahia Tehuantepec for another two night passage.
Leaving Acapulco harbor

Biggest one yet!

Good morning!

Bahia Huatalco


Nighttime activity

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