Groundhog Day, Take 2!

After a month in the Bocas Marina, we were ready to head back out to the islands. We had replaced the water heater as well as some coolant hose. We have ordered new solar panels that are somewhere out in the sea aboard a ship, heading this way. We ordered and received a heavy duty controller for our panels. With that all done, our food locker stocked up and a month in the air conditioning, we were ready for a break from civilization. Wednesday, June 17 was to be our day. We would head out for 3-4 weeks before returning to hopefully install our solar panels. As we were readying Slow Dancer for our short hop to Starfish Beach, an announcement stopped us cold in our tracks. We hear all of the local news in English by listening to a VHF net put on by cruisers and ex-pat land dwellers. It seems that the AMP (Maritime Port Authority) has mandated, beginning immediately, that all cruising vessels must remain in their current location until further notice. It seems that several boats had gathered at one of the islands and enjoyed each other’s company at a local restaurant. Restaurants are not allowed to open yet and people are not to gather in groups. So, needless to say, we all suffer for the sins of a few.

Restrictions are not lifting anytime soon and the airport is not open now until July 22. We also cannot go to any other port in Panama, Central America or any islands within cruising distance.

So here we sit……

Repairs are often made difficult by the tight quarters!
Beer and a taco to go in town!
So few people out that the creatures are becoming brave
Still a beautiful place
Beaches blocked off, no swimmers allowed
A working payphone on the beach!
Local produce stand
Usually lots of tourists, now empty
Highlight of our week, the Veggie Boat

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