Goodbye Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo

We returned back to Slow Dancer on March 8 from our lovely “vacation” to Mexico City. We were sad to say goodbye to Jim and Laura as they returned to Chiapas, but know that one day we will catch up with them.

We caught the end of Zihuatanejo’s Guitarfest as well as a night of Carnival. Always some kind of celebration going on!

The marina in Ixtapa was calm and relaxing…..minus the resident crocodiles that lurked nightly.

Now it was time to get some “boat work” done while we were still in the marina. Top priority was our wind instrument that had just stopped working. Kind of important for a sailboat!

Ken spent the next several days following wires, checking connections and fuses and generally turning our home upside down! We even enlisted help from a couple of other cruisers. Still nothing, so it was decided that the problem must be up the mast. We borrowed a bosons chair from a friend and Dale winched Ken up our mast, 62 feet above the water. Hey….this connection is loose. That’s it! Problem solved! Now slowly, slowly back down!

We spent the next few days stocking up on spare parts….an adventure in itself! Each “Ferreteria”is it’s own unique place. A small hardware store (usually the size of a bedroom) that sells everything from parts, automotive supplies, plumbing supplies and pool filters to clothes. We spent many hours looking for a fuse, only to find it at a music store(?)!!

We also went to the market as well as the grocery store.

We became proficient at riding the Combi. A small van that drives all over Ixtapa and the 10 miles to Zihuatanejo. They stop wherever someone even looks like they might want a ride and pile as many as possible (we saw no limit!) into the open door. “Buenos Tardes” all passengers say in unison to the new boarding passengers. “Buenos Tardes” says the newbie and on we go!

We are now ready to head to Acapulco. We will always have a place in our hearts for Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa.



Nightly visitors

Beach at Ixtapa

Ken hard at work

Its a long way up there!

Piling in the Combi

Beautiful Ixtapa

We will miss you Zihuatanejo!

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