Goodbye Half Moon Bay

We had a wonderful stay in Half Moon Bay. Lots of great family time with Dale’s brother Greg and sister in law, Radika and of course, their dog Dora. Their home is nestled in the redwoods overlooking Half Moon Bay.


We left Half Moon Bay on Tuesday, Sept. 12. Motored out of the harbor into a sea of fishing boats! We watched as they pulled in their nets and were surrounded by thousands of birds! We wove in and out of them for 45 minutes. Winds were mellow, waves were 3-4 feet at 4 seconds….kind of choppy. Swells were coming from a different direction….hmmm. As we went on, the winds picked up and were straight on our nose. Wind waves coming into us as well, but swells were from behind us, making this a bouncy ride. We pulled the sails for a while, but could only zig zag, which got us no closer to our destination. So we motor sailed, bouncing along at 4-5 k. With four weather programs, couldn’t one of them get the forecast right?

We saw a pod of whales, with one coming almost completely out of the water! Of course, the camera did not come out of the pocket fast enough!

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