George Town Bahamas

April 2, 2021

Soooooo….a couple of days turned into two weeks in George Town. We enjoyed the beach and hiking over Stocking Island to the Exuma Sound side. We ate at the Chat and Chill and rode a water taxi to town. We bought groceries and enjoyed lunch at a restaurant in town. As we waited for the weather to become calm enough to transit the Northern Exumas, what do you know… became more intense! Is there ever calm weather in the Bahamas? The Northern Exumas are very shallow and must be entered through cuts between the islands. We are nervous enough about the cuts, not doing it in heavy winds and seas is a no brainer for us!

Slow Dancer at anchor near Stocking Island. George Town across the bay.
On a relatively calm day we took Tiny in to the beach to hike
A beautiful beach awaited us on the other side of Stocking Island
We enjoyed some time watching the waves lap the beach
The way into George Town via dinghy
Spent a couple of days kicked back at the Chat and Chill

We did spend two weeks waiting, but with a beautiful backdrop

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