Extended Time in Quepos


 The day before we were due to leave our marina, we started the engine.  All looked well until again the light that indicates no battery charge came on.  Upon checking, Ken realized that we had again blown another fuse, this time in the start battery.  OK, need to find out what's up with the rebuild and replace the fuse.  We had no extra fuse and began our search.  Are you kidding……not one 150 amp fuse in all of Costa Rica?  The marina ordered 6 for us and we waited.  A week later, we learned that our order had been misdelivered!  So we ordered another 6 to be delivered to Miami, then to a shipping company in the marina. And we waited.  After a total of 5 weeks in Marina Pez Vela, we have received the first shipment of fuses and fixed the problem.  

During this time, we did a few tourist trips, including riding horses through the jungle and to a waterfall.  What a beautiful day and the falls was cool and clear.

Here we go again, with only 2 weeks on our visas……are we going to be able to leave this wonderful place?  

Beginning our journey on horses

Beautiful Waterfall
Refreshing swim

Beautiful ride through the jungle

Good bye Marina Pez Vela and Quepos!


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