Ensenada – Second Week

Had lots of interesting adventures this week. First, we celebrated our 21st anniversary in this wonderful city. Walked along the waterfront into town. Then had a local dinner overlooking the marina. Nice day!

We also walked (and rode!) around town for hours looking for the office to purchase our National Parks Permit. We had good directions, thanks to our friend Brett who had been there two weeks previously. It was quite a ways, but we were happy to get there……until we discovered the door was locked and there was a sign on it…..in Spanish! We used our translator app and discovered that they had moved – YESTERDAY! No problema, we would just go to the new address. We took a picture of the sign with the new address: Calle 2da.Y Soto No. 283. Col. Obrera. OK…..let’s try Google Navigation. No dice. We then walked around the corner to a hotel/casino and asked the doorman if he knew this address. Three people later, they called us a cab….he would surely know! We then proceeded to drive in circles looking for the office of CONANP. Apparently addresses don’t mean much here?! All of us gave up and the cab took us back to the boat. A problem for another day!

Yesterday Ubered to Costco and Walmart. Yes, they have them in Mexico! Even had a hotdog at Costco!

Today, an amazing waterfront brunch buffet with lots of delicious local dishes!

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