Dominican Road Trip!

March 15, 2022

Once we had most of our repairs done and had explored the area close by, we decided that it was time to explore some more of the island. We rented a car for a week and took off to Samana. This was Ken’s first experience at driving the two lane roads of the island. To say that this is an eye opening experience is putting it mildly! There are motorcycles and scooters everywhere, plus this means of transportation seem to not be obliged to follow any of the customary rules of the road! The cars seem to only have a loose understanding of these rules as they pass on hills, double yellow lines and curves. Throw in a few horses pulling carts, donkeys and goats as well as big trucks and cars parked in the roadway and you have a lively drive!

The highway through Puerto Plata! Please excuse the beeping, the car let us know when someone was too close behind us!
Everyone shares the narrow roadway
Mototaxi’s take families across town

January through March is the time of the seasonal migration of Humpback Whales. Samana Bay is where they come to have their newborns as well as mate, before heading back north to feed in cooler waters. We took a whale watching boat out and saw a whale family.

Next we braved the “demolition derby” to find the European settled town of Las Terranas. We loved this little seaside city that reminded us as much of France as the DR, right down to the french bakery….yumm!

Beach side restaurant
The beaches were beautiful! This is a huge kite surfing spot
Fishermen pulling their boats up at the end of the day
We wandered through the fishermen’s shacks
We settled on some shrimp that the fisherman’s son peeled for us!
We stayed at a beautiful French boutique hotel and had this lovely waterway off our patio
Our next tourist attraction was the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua
Ken was brave, Dale took the stairs on this one!
It was a great trip!

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