May 5, 2022

With an entire day ahead of us, we decided to explore Culebra and check out the restaurant scene. We had read that the town was divided by a canal with a bridge, so we jumped in the dinghy and headed toward the canal to investigate.

The canal and bridge through Dewey
In the canal we spotted a restaurant called Mamacitas. We parked the dinghy, scaled their dock and enjoyed a nice birthday dinner.
The outside entrance to the canal
A Dewey resident
Dinner entertainment
The restaurants don’t need garbage disposals when they have these 3-4 foot Tarpons to gobble up left overs!

We met up with some friends that we had adventured with in Salinas and went snorkeling on the other side of the island. We drove through the canal and out. It was a bit windy, but the water was beautiful.

Lovely coral and fish

Our next stop was to be Culebrita, a small island off the coast of Culebra. There is no town there, it is a national park. Since the following stop was to be St. Thomas to check in to the US Virgin Islands, we had to do some investigating and find out where to get a COVID test before we would be allowed entry into the USVI’s. We hiked up a steep hill to the hospital. YES, they would do them! OK, now to time it just right so that we didn’t go over the 5 days leeway that we were given before entering. Things sure were a lot easier in the “good old days”!

The town dinghy dock, an interesting climb

On Thursday morning, May 5, we docked Tiny Two at the town dock and again hiked the hill to the hospital and waited an hour to receive our tests. We hurried back to the dinghy and to Slow Dancer so that we could up anchor and get to our next bay before crossing to Culebrita. Once again, another negative test!

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