Calete Lobos Anchorage

On February 6, 2018, we left our secure anchorage at Muertos at sunrise. Today we would transit through two channels to get into the La Paz area and another anchorage. We had read reports of these areas being challenging due to wind, currents, commercial traffic, etc. OK….we were ready!

The day was beautiful! We started out in the company of two other boats from our anchorage. There was almost no wind and the sea was flat. Today we will truly be in the Sea of Cortez! The water was emerald color and clear.

We motored past lots of hills looking for the cut that became the Cerralvo Channel. There it is….ok, here we go! We could not have picked a more beautiful day! Dolphins dipping in and out of the water guided us through. Before we knew it, we were through the 25 mile channel and on our way toward the Canal de San Lorenzo. This is an even narrower cut between an island and the mainland. Our information suggested that we would be dodging a lot of ferry boats as well as freighters.

Ken decided to throw out the line again to see if he could catch some dinner. The bananas were now gone, so he should have good luck! Just as he was about to give up, he got a big strike. Wow….what was this?! The 12-15 lb Skipjack Tuna skidded behind our boat for several minutes before Ken could get him up to the stern. Dale got the gaff and snagged him……Tuna dinner!

Onward through the channel. We passed a couple of larger luxury boats, but nothing commercial. Whew!

Now to find our next anchorage, Calete Lobos. We dropped our anchor into 14 feet of clear

green water.

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