Anchorages San Juanico to Puerto Escondido

We enjoyed our calm anchorage in San Juanico. We woke up the next morning and kayaked to a small beach where we donned our snorkeling equipment and swam around a small reef.  We saw hundreds of beautiful fish and enjoyed being in the water for the first time in over two months!  We left San Juanico at noon on the 23rd, bound for Isla Coronados.  The wind was 8-10k and the sea was flat.  We had a nice leisurely sail toward Isla Coronados, 18 miles away.  Along the way, Ken decided to throw out a line and a new lure.  Bam!  Got a hit right away and lost it.  It did look like a Dorado (Mahi Mahi) though.  A few minutes later, another strike!  This time it took the lure and he reeled it in.  This was Ken’s first Dorado and it was beautiful!  We have been waiting for some kind of white meat fish to enjoy and this was it.  It is sad that this beautiful fish loses all of it’s color as it dies. However, it will provide two wonderful meals for us.

As we were reveling in Ken’s dinner catch, Dale looked over at Ken who had a surprised look on his face…whale!  About 100 feet off our port side a huge whale surfaced!  How amazing!  (Of course no picture, although Dale tried!)

As the wind died, we decided that we had better get moving in order to make our anchorage in the daylight. We motored (with our makeshift fan system) to Coronados.

We anchored in the calm bay at Isla Coronados and enjoyed our Dorado filet dinner and a glass of wine.  A beautiful night!

The next morning we sailed on to Puerto Escondido.  Once there,we were hoping to get a new blower fan or have ours repaired.  We have been to this marina twice before and really enjoy it.  This time we decided to grab a mooring ball rather than enter the marina.  Three reasons…..much less expensive, calmer and more private.  Plus a new experience!  Ken motored in to the sea of mooring balls and other sailboats.  Slowly, slowly we approached the mooring ball of our choice.  All of a sudden a gust of wind blew us off and Dale could not reach the ball with our boat hook. Attempt number 2.  Ken motored closer and closer…score!  Up came the floats and ropes as Ken ran up to assist.  We were connected and could now take down our dinghy, Tiny Dancer, to go into the marina to seek assistance with our fan.  Hooray!  We found Javier. Our guy that helped us get new batteries also helped us with the fan.  We are now prepared to cross the Sea to Mazatlan!  Three more anchorages and we will take the leap.
Ken’s first Dorado

Dinner at anchor in Coronados

View from our mooring at Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido

Breakfast view

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