A Couple of Amazing Islands

February 12, 2022

Hooray! We are finally out of George Town! We left early on the morning of February 5. Pulling out of the anchorage, our troublesome transmission again decided to be stubborn about getting into gear. A few tries and here we go! It certainly has a mind of it’s own! Wish we could find someone to diagnose this thing!

The wind blew and with the tide coming into the dangerous “Rocks Cut”, we jockeyed with several other cruising boats to get out of the cut and into Exuma Sound. Finally out and no wind! Go figure! Oh well, it will be a smooth ride motoring to Thompson Bay, Long Island.

We dropped our anchor in the shallow, yet lovely bay with only a few other boats. This would be a nice change from the busy George Town. The little settlement is Salt Pond. It consists of a couple of restaurants, a small grocery store, liquor store and a car repair/rental agency. The government dock was a good place to tie up our dinghy and the people in the town were friendly. We had dinner on night two at a beach side bar and restaurant called “Tiny’s Hurricane Hole”. It was a dinghy ride across from our boat and they had a dock inside a small harbor. What a treat!

Thompson Bay
Tiny II waiting for us at “Tiny’s”

Tiny’s Hurricane Hole

We enjoyed our two nights in Thompson Bay, but needed to travel on to take advantage of a good weather window. We had scoped out a small anchorage near the north of Long Island, Calabash Bay. It would take us 4 or 5 hours to get there. No wind again, but we motored along in 8-12 feet of crystal clear water toward our destination. As we came near, we noticed a lot of masts in that bay. Wow! Would we find a spot? We did and settled in with our 25+ neighbors.

Smooth Seas to Calabash

Our goal was to get to Conception Island, a nature preserve and a “must see” in the Bahamas if you can get good weather. We rounded the tip of Long Island and had 15-20 knots of wind to sail in. We had a speedy sail the 27 miles to Conception, along with 8 of our friends from Calabash! Guess everyone had the same idea.

We pulled in our sails as we approached the bay. It was like a free for all with all of those boats jockeying for a spot to anchor. We found our spot, a little out so that we wouldn’t have to fight over space. Wow, this is beautiful! It was peaceful and calm in the bay.

The sand felt like sugar

After a few minutes to have lunch and make sure that our anchor was set, we dropped Tiny Dancer 2 into the water, loaded our snorkeling gear as well as our dinghy anchor and ladder and went exploring. We pulled Tiny up on the beach, hooked the anchor between some rocks, donned our snorkel equipment and ventured out into the water.

Such colorful sea life!

Parrot fish, the keepers of the reefs
We estimated this ray to be about 12′ in length!
This 4′ Barracuda smiled at me with all of his teeth!

This island is truly paradise

The next day we took a dinghy ride up a VERY shallow estuary. This is apparently a nursery area for many of the sea life. We saw lots of rays, a couple of small lemon sharks and turtles.

Young shark in the mangroves

As much as we would like to stay, there is a weather front coming, so on we must go to find a more protected spot.

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