A Bittersweet Farewell To The Bahamas

April 30 we docked at the Grand Bahama Yacht Club in Lucaya. We were exhausted from a night at sea, but not so much that we weren’t up to a mandatory trip to town. It seems that to be in the Bahamas you not only have to present a negative PCR COVID test, but you are required to take a “5 day” test if you are staying fourteen days or more. We checked in on a relatively remote island that did not offer this test and we didn’t think any more about it until we were checking in to Grand Bahama.

The Dockmaster at the Yacht Club asked to see our verification for the 5 day test and we admitted that we had not had one, thus far, during our 57 day stay. With a laugh and an incredulous look on his face, he suggested that we get one. We told him we would be leaving in a few days for the U.S.! Nope, must get the test. So, to comply with something that made no sense to us, he summoned a taxi to take us to a drive-thru test site. Free tests, $30.00 cab fare and negative test results in 15 minutes. Now we were free to explore Lucaya.

We spent the next five days seeing the island, celebrating Ken’s birthday and preparing for our trip back to the U.S.

Happy Birthday to Ken!
We explored a beautiful estate left to the island as a nature preserve
Lots of native creatures
Looking for a way out of the labyrinth

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