Introducing Moonshadow!!

November 10, 2022

During our journey, we have had our eyes on the catamarans around us. They have much more living space and are smoother in the water. We watched as so many sped by us on their way to other locations. Although we have loved our Slow Dancer and she has safely sailed us over 15,000 miles, it was time to think about the next few years. Did we want to retire to land based……naaahhhhh. OK, comfort is a huge consideration. We knew when the right catamaran presented itself, we would know.

In comes Moonshadow in the form of a post online. And…..she was in St. Martin! We took a look and knew that she was our future. 43′ long and 23′ wide. Lots of living space and a solid, good sailing catamaran.

This would mean selling Slow Dancer to another cruiser. She has been our home for the last 5 1/2 years. A hard choice, but a necessary one. We will begin looking for someone to love her as much as we have when she is put back in the water next week.

Moonshadow out of the water for an inspection. Former owners Steffen and Pik

A tour through the interior
New dinghy riding behind Moonshadow
Replacing the “trampolines” with Cindi and Rick’s help

Lots to learn!

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